Pioneering wireless communications

Since 2013, Wireless Partners has been leading the effort to expand cellular service and wireless internet access to rural communities. Known for our creativity, expertise and reliability, we’ve built the reputation of being the “carrier’s carrier” — building the infrastructure and networks major wireless providers depend on and helping to bring public safety into the 21st century.

Fixed Wireless

Using evolutions in cellular technology, we’re eliminating the need for “last mile” fiber connections to bring broadband internet to homes, businesses, schools and first responders. More cost effective than DSL options and delivering faster, more reliable service than satellite, fixed wireless solutions developed by Wireless Partners is providing broadband access to unserved and underserved rural communities.

  • We have established fixed wireless service in New England’s most remote areas, including Downeast Maine, New Hampshire’s North Country and Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom.
  • We have partnered with county and state agencies to provide 4G compatible technology to first responders, worked with schools to provide fixed wireless service to students and engaged elected officials to develop funding for broadband expansion in rural areas.   
  • By eliminating the need for the “last mile” of fiber we have bent the cost curve, making it possible to quickly deploy broadband networks to rural areas.
  • Our networks are 5G ready.

Cellular Networks

We partner with major U.S. carriers, like AT&T, to expand cellular coverage. Our work includes the development of broadband sites and tower construction to provide service to rural areas with spotty cellular coverage and limited data services. This includes improving public safety through our work developing FirstNet — the national first responders’ network.

  • With 93 towers across northern New England, and more being built every month, we’ve tripled our coverage since 2018.
  • We’ve brought 4G coverage to the most rural counties in Northern New England and beyond.
  • We are experts in rural market deployments, and because we keep everything in house – working directly with towns and tower owners to get sites turned on as quickly as possible – we can deploy networks much faster than larger carriers. 
  • Our networks provide primary and roaming coverage to Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile customers.

Site Development

Through our sister company Rising Tide Towers, we provide all aspects of high-capacity telecommunications tower development and wireless site management throughout northern New England. We engineer and operate to the highest standards and to provide a broad range of services to these critical pieces of communication infrastructure.

  • Tower construction 
  • Site maintenance
  • Ownership and management
  • Cellular service towers
  • Broadband service towers
Rising Tide Towers