Bridging the digital divide

Wireless Partners builds and operates 4G/5G networks for rural America, making the global economy accessible to everyone and helping to bring public safety into the 21st century.

The carrier’s carrier

Major carriers — including AT&T — rely on Wireless Partners to deliver services to rural America and their first responders.

Fixed Wireless

Bringing reliable 5G broadband internet access to underserved rural areas.
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Improving and expanding cellular service, including 4G LTE and 5G networks.
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Site Development

Developing wireless infrastructure and high-capacity telecommunications towers.
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Since 2013, Wireless Partners has rapidly expanded wireless coverage and tenaciously advocated for the policies, regulations and political support required to accelerate development of rural 4G/5G networks.

Map of service areas

Bringing the digital revolution to rural America.

Rural America has been on the wrong side of the digital divide, leaving individuals and families unable to access the promise of the 21st century economy. Wireless Partners is delivering the digital revolution to these long underserved communities. To learn more about this important mission, read a message from President & CEO Robert Parsloe on the urgent need to expand 5G coverage.

first responders
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Rising Tide Towers